Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dear Customers

We have always maintained to all the customers that you all are always welcome at our veera desai head office to personally come and inspect all the documents, if any one has any queries pertaining to the ownership of the land, legal status of the project, and the approvals towards the project we would be more than happy to sought out your queries. As far as uploading the documents on the blog is concern, we are sorry we would not be able to do so as its not the company's policy to do so. We have given inspection of documents to all the clients who have enquired about the same and we would continue to do so, for which you need to visit the head office.
Also we are sure that its common sense that if we have done piling and almost completed a plinth the land belongs to us and we have some clearances, contradicting the claims of some people who are just trying to create panic amongst the current investors and prospective buyers for their personal motives.
Plinth of the first building is nearing completion and also the agreement process in under process.
Further updates will provided on regular basis.
We would welcome people who haven't booked and are commenting on the blog for their personal motives to come and inspect the documents.
Lastly as mentioned by many clients that the forum is not functioning properly, there were some server issues which are getting addressed, hopefully the forum should be functioning properly by tomorrow.
Ionic Management.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Dear Customers



It is obvious from Tejal's language that he is not an investor in our project. Considering the fact that no one has time to waste on irrelevant topics, he is posting this blog because he is a competitor. Why doesn't he fight in the market rather than resorting to posting of false blogs?
He is not in our customer list. Do to our efforts to provide budget home to our estimated costumers, his business suffered, hence he resorted to cheap tactics like posting of these blogs. 

We have complete ownership of the land which has been confirmed by the Courts. We have sanctioned plans in place which are confirmed by the honourable Supreme Court of India and district court of Vasai. We have started full fledged work on the site.

As for Tejal Rathod, we are going ahead with our options of criminal proceedings against him under the provisions of IT Act. Complaint has already been lodged and investigation is under process in Adl. Commissioner office to find out IP address of this blogs' posting. 

We have always maintained that anyone is free to walk in to our head office and inspect the property papers with prior appointment.

Tejal we would also take this opportunity to ask u to come over to the office and see the documents in case you have booked a flat. However, we know he wouldn't come because he has interest in just creating panic against the project.

The management has decided to take strict action be taken against people who post false and irrelevant information on the blogs. We have an option of filing defamation cases against such people, so better have some data to prove an allegations before posting them. And if some one has data to prove any thing he or she has the option of attaching it to this blog and sharing it with one and all.

Lastly we don't resort to tactics of deleting posts. People simply pretend that they have forgotten under which topic have they posted earlier and create further confusion.