Friday, May 24, 2013

NEW VIDEO OF SITE (23.05.2013)


  1. As per our discussion today morning with Mr. Mazhar Bhai at Andheri Office he has informed us :

    1. He is not aware about the current status of VVMC approval and he can not tell us the date when shall the VVMC approval be received.

    2. In our Last meeting at IONIC Andheri office held on 18th April Mr. Mazhar Bhai has informed us that the VVMC approvals shall received within two months.

    3. Now he is saying that he is not knowing much about VVMC approval status and It can be received on any day. "Aaj nahi to kal aa jayega" what he told me today.

    4. He has guided us to talk to Mr. Singh for further query about VVMC approval status. I tried to call him but I was informed by receptionist that Mr. Singh is not available today and he is on leave.

  2. Dear Ionic Team.

    Is this city/Big project or any other local chawl u are building.

    The other project are completing there work which came after you and they got all approvals.

    Why ionic not getting the same? whats the issue??

    You people are making fool to all investors but dont think that all are same pls don't test our patience.

    We still hoping for our dreams home.

    pls tell us exact picture on project status and pls talk logically.


  3. Hi Everyone,

    Anyone have Singh Number,