Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dear Customers

We have always maintained to all the customers that you all are always welcome at our veera desai head office to personally come and inspect all the documents, if any one has any queries pertaining to the ownership of the land, legal status of the project, and the approvals towards the project we would be more than happy to sought out your queries. As far as uploading the documents on the blog is concern, we are sorry we would not be able to do so as its not the company's policy to do so. We have given inspection of documents to all the clients who have enquired about the same and we would continue to do so, for which you need to visit the head office.
Also we are sure that its common sense that if we have done piling and almost completed a plinth the land belongs to us and we have some clearances, contradicting the claims of some people who are just trying to create panic amongst the current investors and prospective buyers for their personal motives.
Plinth of the first building is nearing completion and also the agreement process in under process.
Further updates will provided on regular basis.
We would welcome people who haven't booked and are commenting on the blog for their personal motives to come and inspect the documents.
Lastly as mentioned by many clients that the forum is not functioning properly, there were some server issues which are getting addressed, hopefully the forum should be functioning properly by tomorrow.
Ionic Management.


  1. Dear Ionic Management,
    Thanks for your regular updates. It is great news that we have started plinth work but require some speedup in work bcz we need to construct 36 building we are just process of 4 bldg work and it is upto pilling. If we start with increase in manpower and machinery our work get spedup and who are going to create wrong statement or penic to us they get big punch on their mouth.

  2. I agree to what Mr. Mahendra has written

    1. don't get exited,mahendra is their own staff,the day u get your agreement done,i will give double money to you,just inquire from any bank on this earth,do they provide loan on this project? if yes then this will be the eighth wonder of this world.keep hope alive until you fall

  3. We all are still positive about the project.

    Many small investors has invested their hard earned money in this project. Its a fact that the project is delayed very long. Its creating panic in the investors. At this point I just want to inform that we all are united and we know what we have to do in case anything goes wrong. No-one would like to loose their money. If anyone is trying to cheat the investors, I believe we shall not stay calm. But their is right time for everything and right way of getting the things done and everyone has patience at the moment but no one should try to test our patience.

    If anyone has any definite information or documentation about the creditworthiness of the project can always share the same with our IONIC Investors whatsapp group or email on boyofaugust@gmail.com


  4. work progress is very slow.Is there any specific reasons? Why there is no effort to finish the project ASAP?

  5. Only 3 days remained for 2 months to be completed from the date of Last meeting held on 18th Of April 2013.

    We had been told by IONIC officials in the meeting that within 2 months the VVMC approval shall receive.

    Do let us know the status whether the VVMC approval received or not.


  6. As per our discussion today morning with Mr. Mazhar Bhai at Andheri Office he has informed us :

    1. He is not aware about the current status of VVMC approval and he can not tell us the date when shall the VVMC approval be received.

    2. In our Last meeting at IONIC Andheri office held on 18th April Mr. Mazhar Bhai has informed us that the VVMC approvals shall received within two months.

    3. Now he is saying that he is not knowing much about VVMC approval status and It can be received on any day. "Aaj nahi to kal aa jayega" what he told me today.

    4. He has guided us to talk to Mr. Singh for further query about VVMC approval status. I tried to call him but I was informed by receptionist that Mr. Singh is not available today and he is on leave.