Monday, January 21, 2013


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  2. Dear All,
    Please click of Microwo Reality site and see our IONIC Ecocity’s Project Photo and layout plan is displays on site. Here confusion is how our project photo and plan is displayed in Microwo site? Is our project is of Microwo Realty? Or Microwo Realty is going to complete work of our IONIC Ecocity Project?

    I have seend some ads of our Projects in toilets of some Railway Stations Like Bhayandar, Mira Road.

    All things are shows Negativity of IONIC project. Whethe project will complete? or IONIC people are foolishing us.

    IONIC, Please immediately let us knows the truth and assures the completion of project.

  3. If any1 has nos of all thn lets make Whatsapp grup of ionic v cn b in touch.

  4. Dear Investors

    Please check link given below to share join the whats app Group of IONIC ECOCITY INVESTORS, for latest update and info